20 May

Where’s La La Land?

I want to apologize for not blogging as much as I have wanted too! As I stated last week my brother had surgery last Friday. He came to stay with us and I have had to clean his eye and put his medication in every few hours. He had an evisceration*NOTE*THESE PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC PLEASE DON’T OPEN THIS LINK AROUND CHILDREN OR IF YOUR SQUIMISH!!(those are not picture’s of my brother’s eye)

Enculeation and Evisceration:

Enucleation and evisceration are procedures used to remove a diseased eye. During an evisceration the contents of the eye and the cornea are removed, but the sclera, or outer covering of the eye, remains. During an enucleation the entire eyeball is removed.

What happens when your eyeball is removed?

At the time of enucleation or evisceration an implant is placed within the orbit or within the remaining scleral shell to replace the missing socket volume and to allow the remaining ocular muscles to function. The implant is buried in the socket tissue.

When the socket has healed it will appear like a pink pocket behind the eyelids. The buried implant will move in the pocket with movement of the other eye.
After your socket has healed, you may obtain an artificial eye, called a prosthesis. A prosthesis is a hard acrylic shell which is held in position by the eyelids. A prosthesis is made by an ocularist. The ocularist takes a mold of you socket, from which the custom prosthesis is made. It typically takes at least two visits to make a prosthesis. The artificial eye can be expensive, and the costs are not covered or only partially covered by most insurance plans.

Saturday night Chucky came in and told me that he didn’t feel really well and that he felt like he was on fire. I took his temperature and he had a temp of 106!!! What!!! He doesn’t take any medication so I had to keep giving him a bath to get him cooled off. He was like this since Wednesday night! He then woke up Thursday to get ready for school and had a rash that was starting to spread all over his body. So instead of playing dr. I decided to take him to his! He has fifths disease.

I have been keeping Chucky away from my brother and my bored brother away from my son. I started taking care of them in shifts and today I feel like I need about a week to recover from it all!

But I’m here to tell you that I am back!!! I have decided to leave the giveaway’s open until the 25th, and 26th as well as choose a new winner for the $300+ Mother’s Day Giveaway as the winner didn’t claim thier prize. I will choose a new winner tomorrow as well as let you in on what’s coming up!! It’s going to be great! Myself as well as 14 other blogs are going to be participating in a Summer Blogger Block Party with tons of giveaway’s for Summer!!! So I hope you’ll be by to check those out!!

Have a Great Weekend!!?
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