24 Jun

Gettin’ Crafty With It-Nah,Nah,Nah,Nah

I know my title is cheesy but it will be stuck in your head ALL day-NO?
So I have taken a lot of online(Youtube)sewing classes and have read an insane amount of tutorials on sewing and I felt as though I was ready to sew some things other than an applique onto a shirt(that didn’t go so hot!)But nothing to hard with a lot of curves etc. as I don’t want to ruin my expensive cute fabric without having the skills of a mediocre seamstress! I find that-that is the hardest thing for me to do, use my cute fabric that I paid a lot of money for! I don’t ever feel that way with a good hamburger though? HMM

My best girlfriend had a new baby{Squeal}a boy but I can still make some cute things because he is so tiny and won’t care right now if he has to wear something that he probably wouldn’t wear when he was older. If you catch my drift? Don’t worry it isn’t something that he will resent me for later.

*Okay you can stop reading this if I made you believe that I sewed a whole layette set or a crib set because I don’t want to disappoint you!*

I made this cute receiving blanket and some burpees with these FREE patterns! I am a little disappointed in the way they look but hey, this is my first shot at it! I know what I will do differently the next time!

I know you have all seen baker’s twine and maybe even bought some. I love it and thought about buying some to, but shockingly I couldn’t justify purchasing it. I found this genius tutorial and guess who has bakers twine now?? Yup that’s right me:) I even used my sons Crayola markers to make mine! Total cost of my baker’s twine:$1.97! Isn’t this idea GENIUS??

What have you been making?? Please share, I know I am not good, but that’s how it goes in La La Land! Share your projects with me so I can get some inspiration,  practice and get better!

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