01 May

Silk Fruit&Protein Winner

Okay, so I am just wondering WHY nobody emailed me, left me a comment, tweeted me or messaged me on Facebook that I forgot to choose a winner for the Silk Fruit&Protein giveaway?? I get emails, comments, tweets or messages when I spell something wrong  & nobody told me that I hadn’t chosen a winner?! LOL I am only joking. It has been REALLY busy here on the blog as well as behind the scenes in my personal life, that if it isn’t on the calender or right in front of my face, I miss it:( So my APOLOGIES for not choosing the winner!! I really do appreciate all of your support as well as the emails, comments, tweets, and messages!!!

Now onto the good stuff…..

Silk Fruit&Protein Winner:


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    • Linda Lansford
    • May 1st, 2012

    I love this prize!!!

      • LaLaLand
      • May 2nd, 2012

      Congratulations, I am so glad that your happy to have won!
      Thank you for taking the time to visit & enter, I greatly appeciate it!

  1. Hi! I keep forgetting to check by your blog since GFC is now gone – but I received your package and I adored it. Thank you so much for the amazing kind gesture. I’ve been skipping through a few of your posts and I’ve really enjoyed reading so far. Looking forward to more :) xxx Oh and my most recent post is on the nail paints you sent me – they are perfect together! xxx
    Rachael C recently posted..NOTW: Wet ‘n’ Wild Fast Dry – Party of Five Glitters

      • LaLaLand
      • May 6th, 2012

      I am so glad that you received you package & are enjoying the polish! I was a bit nervous that you already had them or wouldn’t like the colors:) I have pictures of the items I received from my partner & now I just have to do the post!
      Thank you again Rachael for organizing such an amazing swap, I greatly appreciate it!

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