17 Jul

Baring Beautiful Skin #DoveBeauty

Baring beautiful skin is not easy, we have to work at it. When the weather starts to get warm, you have a few things that you do to prepare for it right? Well did you know that you have to keep doing these things to keep baring beautiful skin?

I am going to share with you some of the ways that I keep baring beautiful skin all season long!

So Fresh & So Clean

In the Summer, my skin tends to get dry in patches as compared to the winter when it’s all over from the harsh cold. When I get into the shower, I make sure and use the Dove Pink, beauty bar. It not only smells clean and fresh, but helps with the dry patches.


Just like you keep refreshing the skin on your face, you need to do the same thing for your body! Once you slough off all of the dead skin cells, your body will attain more moisture and have that beautiful glow. Exfoliating will also help with the dark dry patches that tend to build up over time.

Touch Worthy Skin

I love having skin so soft that you can’t resist wanting to touch it! So this brings me to shaving. A lot of women and men get red bumps when they shave. It happens and I have a few tips to help prevent them from happening(:

-The perfect razor makes all the difference! Make sure your using a nice sharp blade or razor. -If at all possible, do NOT shave in a cold shower! Make sure the water is nice and warm. When you see pictures of men wrapped in a nice warm towel before getting a good clean shave, it’s because the heat opens the hair follicle and makes it so your getting a nice close shave! -Have a nice lather (I use the Pink Dove Beauty Bar). -Shave in one direction when your shaving your legs, start from the bottom and shave upwards.-When shaving your underarms, you can shave multi-directional and again, make sure your shaving in a nice warm shower.

Drip Dry

Okay, you don’t really need to drip dry, but making sure that your completely dry before you apply your moisturizer will insure that your moisturizer will soak into your skin instead of sitting on top and mixing in with the water.


I can not stress this enough, your skin needs moisture on the summer time! Having a good moisturizer is important to having beautiful skin. During the summer, you don’t need anything really thick as it will only clog your pores as your body is trying to sweat.

At night, make sure your applying a great thick cream to your feet, hands, elbows and underarms. These places get really dry and tend to get thicker skin and when you get thicker skin, it can cause them to turn darker. If you are able to do these tricks that I use, they will help a lot!

Feet, no matter how often I get a pedicure, my heels get really gross and start to turn darker! I apply a great foot cream and wear cotton socks at night. It’s hard because I hate my feet to be hot, but I would rather have lovely looking feet(:

Elbows, my elbows get dry and also turn darker. I will exfoliate them really good, and rub them with a lemon. Once I have done that, I then apply a thicker cream. Sounds, crazy, but it works!

Underarms, they rub on your shirt and end up taking a lot of your creams and deodorant off which makes them dry and can also turn the skin darker. I have started using, Dove Clinical Protection® Clear Tone™ Skin Renew Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant and it seems to work great!

Sun Lovin’

We all want that beautiful sun kissed glow right? Well your not going to get it if your sunburned and develop dark spots or even skin cancer! So please wear the right sunscreen that is perfect for what your going to be doing and make sure to keep a little one in your handbag to reapply often. Also if your going to be in the sun a lot, wear some big floppy hats, or even clothing that is made to protect you from the sun!!

You can have that perfect tan skin without the sun! These days, there are a lot of faux sunless tanners out on the market and if you can apply some lotion, you can apply these faux self tanners! Just make sure your exfoliating and keeping your skin hydrated so it won’t look streaky and orange!

Perfectly Pretty

Who doesn’t like to look perfectly pretty, as if you wake up and look this naturally beautiful everyday? During the summer, I like to wear as little makeup as possible! I hate feeling as though my makeup is melting off of my face, so I wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF that is a shade darker then my natural skin tone. Some mascara and a tinted lip balm with SPF. It’s a lot easier on my skin, I don’t have to worry about my makeup running away from my face or touching it up every minute.

How do you keep your skin beautiful?

I was compensated for this post as a member of  Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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