20 Jul

Hi, My Name is Chacoy & I am a Pinterest Addict

I guess the name of the title says it all! Except, that I am NOT ashamed!

My sister called me and was talking but I have no idea what she said because I was too busy pinning! Yeah others may be able to multi-pin but not me. I don’t needlessly pin to pin, I read the post, recipe, tutorial etc. before I re-pin!

When I apologized and told her that I was on Pinterest, she asked if I had made anything yet and although I plan on it whether it’s a recipe, outdoor daybed or a re-fashion, I plan on it and will but when?

Are you on Pinterest? What’s the hardest part for you, taking the time to re-pin or adding your own pins ie. recipes, tutorials etc?

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Happy Pinning(;

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