17 Jul

Tattletale Tuesday

Tattletale Tuesday is when I would like to share things that are funny, sad or just plain crazy that are going on with my family. I would love to hear your Tattletale Tuesday too so leave me a Tattle (comment or link to your blog) so I can see what you’ve been up too!

So I am really excited to tell you that my sister, my nephew, niece and my moms sister are going to be visiting this week!

My sister posted this on my wall last week so this may tell you a little about how my family rolls & the treat we are in for when she comes to visit!!

Dearest Chacoy, Mike Jones, and Joe, (these are our younger brothers)
I know I said for you not to get my anything, but you know how I get about my birthday. Please abide by the following rules {YES there are rules don’t be sooo surprised}! It is my day afterall!
1. NO bought gifts. It must be something from your home and have meaning, I will be expecting a heartfelt speach with your gift. It can be stupid, useful, silly, practical, utterly ridiculous, from left field anything goes{well almost}. The only exception is Mary (Our mom). It would be rude {and you taught me to never be rude} of me not to accept the new Starbucks K-cup packs you get me to go with my new/used Keurig.
2. It may NOT be living or dead. The bird Uncle B gave C (my nephew) still scares the sheet out of me. And while I’m sure ol’ crazy eyes makes a nice companion. I’m not descriminating but I have to look out for Ellee’s best interest and mom knows what she saw!
3. It may not be spoiled rotten{I know you don’t want to kill me}.
4. It must be wrapped al a coy (me) style circa the late 1980′s – early 1990′s. In a paperbag. You can gussy it up a bit if you so choose.
5. You must also bring a gift for your mutha{afterall she did give birth to the birthday girl}. See rules 1-4. I am exempt as I AM her greatest gift. :0)
6. I don’t want to put you out but there must be streamers at my party afterall your older{but not looking} sister only turns 40 five more times.
7. Just a reminder that it is MY party that you are giving me.


Oh how I love her! Do you have some crazy family members?

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