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28 Jun

Google Page Ranking….

So everyone was so excited when they found their Google Page Rank went from here to there or there to here. I haven’t worried too much about it at all-until I moved from Ma21cuteboy where I was a 3 to Living in La La Land(0) and sponsors started wanting my PR Rank to be a 3 or higher. Ma21cuteboy didn’t have that problem and I got a lot of sponors and review/giveaway opportunities!
Today Living in La La Land is a 1 and I still don’t care too much about PR because I feel content is better than PR. What I find hard to swallow is PR Reps wanting those numbers, if they were to take the time to read our blogs and see that we produce quality content the numbers wouldn’t mean so much to them either. Yeah I understand you have to have people reading your content in order for them to want to work with you but does Google Page Rank really do that?? Tell you who is reading your blog? No! It just says that you have content.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to give away a cool vacuum, or a new car to one of my readers, but there is no way I can do that without having a PR 3 or higher. I want my blog to be successful and I want to keep my readers entertained but no matter what I want to make sure that I am not sacrificing who I am and what I want my blog to become for the sake of a company who wants me to post content for free, not relevant to my site, my readers, or myself for that matter. I would rather chat about my boring life and have no opportunities than sacrifice my dignity!

I know that it’s hard to pass up opportunities to post some things for free because it
may get you more opportunities’ but you will get more opportunities by posting content that you love, is relevant to you and your readers and it won’t tell other’s who come along that your work is cheap or free! This includes posting to win a contest.
Imagine if you will, your selling pencils but you don’t want to pay for advertising so you hatch a plan to give away free magnets if people write about your pencils which you will donate and than write off as a donation at the end of the year all of these people write about it and you didn’t win and don’t know who won the magnets but they got a lot of press about their pencils. You just posted for free again!

I know I sound like a broken record but it gets a little frustrating that you work so hard and your work isn’t acknowledged or appreciated- all it takes is reply with a yes or no to your pitch. We aren’t asking for too much and although not all of us are out to make money off of our blogs we all know how much work goes into blogging and wouldn’t dare ask you to do some of the things that we are doing.

I love blogging and don’t want to stop blogging because I feel pushed to blog about something that I haven’t tried, or become a clone, or be so selfish for the almighty dollar that my blog turns into a billboard, I want to be successful by posting what I love and showing people who I am and what I’m all about with my personality through my posts! I keep hearing, ‘what’s your niche,’ ‘what do you blog about?’ I don’t have a niche, I don’t fell like in real life I have a niche, well I never fit into one that is, I blog about anything and everything that I find interesting, funny, or useful and that I think someone else might find interesting , useful or funny.

Thanks for letting me get some of this out and reading the whole post, you deserve a new car! lol
How do you feel about all of this, what’s your take on page rank?

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